Today’s Headline

“Once mighty shipping company Hanjin Shipping finally declared bankrupt yesterday. The company has been forced to sell off all assets in Korea as well as overseas, to pay off debts. The downfall may have started from the time when its owner’s widow took over, with no experience at all.”

Today’s Outlook

Apple to assemble iPhone SE in India; Manufacturing plant was setup by Apple’s Taiwanese partner Wistron Corp. Apple ranked 10th in India’s smartphone market, with 62% market share in premium segment.”

Capitaland Mall Asia will acquire 4 properties in Japan, boosting its total asset in Japan to $2.5 billion. The 4 portfolio includes Kokugikan Front office in Tokyo, Yokohama Blue Avenue, Sun Hamada in Yokohama, Seiyu & Sundrug Mall in Saitama Prefecture.”



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