Today’s Headline

“The Riadys family expands to Singapore, showing interest in medical industry. They are looking at privatising HMC, while increasing stakes in IHC to 21% and recently made a buyout offer to Auric Pacific at $1.65 a share.”

Today’s Outlook

Japan’s economy gains annualised 1% growth in 4th quarter straight, but concerned about US criticism on reliance in Japan’s exports.”

Singtel expectedly gained strength with positivity around NetLink IPO, wining ahead of competitors. Nevertheless, analyst thinks growth will stale due to competition.”

Global markets rally as Trump pushes forward alongside recent comment of “one-china”. US interest hike may rally US dollars if it happens.

STI continues upward for the 3rd consecutive day, rallied by US, with Singtel being biggest mover, and gaining in oil/gas sector.”