Today’s Headline

“StarHub profit drops from declined in payTV, but postpaid services increased. StarHub also plans to decrease dividend by 1 cent.”

Today’s Outlook:

“Tigerair delisted with 0.45 cents per share offer by Singapore Air, and extending closing date to Feb 19.”

“US indices traded higher, Dow gained 129 points, S&P gained 14 points and Nasdaq gained 38 points admist nonfarm payroll exceeding expectations and Trump’s tax talk.”

“SG STI up a few points, strengthen by US market positives.”

“SIA reports 35% drop in Y2Y profits. SIA bets on fuel-hedging believing in soaring oil prices.”

“Ezra went further down to 0.027 with the write-downs for EMAS.”

“Auric Pacific privatised by Riady family. Share prices increased further to 1.65.”

“StarHub net profit drops from declined payTV services, but postpaid mobile subscriptions increased. StarHub also plans to decrease dividend by 1 cent.”